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Michelle Huddle

Dr. Michelle Huddle | Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

“In my experience as a small animal veterinarian in a rural community, I find that sometimes titles & degree’s are not what’s important. It is the care given to your dog or cat.   While I have numerous degree’s, all of this schooling did not show me how to be “excellent” and I want to provide the best.  It does not matter to your dog or cat, that we are AAHA Accredited, it matter’s to me.  I appreciate the rigorous standards that the AAHA Accredited hospitals uphold and knew I wanted to follow in those foot-steps before my clinic was even a twinkle in my eye.  While everyone wants to provide excellence care, I look to AAHA to provide the definition of EXCELLENT care.”


Dr. Michelle was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2001. After graduation, she attended South Dakota State University for three years and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. In 2004, she attended Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She graduated in 2008 in the top 25% of her class with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout school, she specialized her areas of study to small animal medicine and surgery. She was employed at All City Pet Care and Sioux Valley Veterinary Clinic in Sioux Falls, SD where she continued to develop expertise in the area of small animal medicine, surgery and emergency care. Upon graduation, she moved to the Valentine, Nebraska area where she was employed as a mixed animal practitioner until 2010. In February 2011, she opened an exclusively small animal practice focusing on just that….only companion animals!

Michelle married local Chris Huddle in 2010. He raises cattle on a family owned and operated ranch in South Dakota. Together, they have two sons, Elijah and Corbyn whom are their pride and joy! Their furry family members consist of the boy’s big sister, Maggie(who is her mother’s firstborn – Weimaraner) who is now an angel in heaven watching over us.  She was Dr. Michelle truest companion for over 12 years and not a day goes by without missing her. Every storm brings sunshine.   In the fall of 2016 Blueberry Chocolate Cupcake joined the Huddle family.  She was named Dr. Michelle’s son Eli.  Blueberry was acquired from valentine local Borders Without Boundaries Pet Rescues, she is truly a Heinz 57.   We also introduced 2 new horses to our family, Jazmine and Sissie.  In her spare time, she enjoys any activities with her family and sneaking away with her son to go riding. Dr. Michelle has recently became a nationally certified car seat technician and has expanded her community service from pet care to providing free car seat education, installation and safety check’s to the Valentine and surrounding community. Her motto is, “Know Better…Do Better!”

In addition to the ‘routine’ needs of the local pets in town, Dr. Michelle’s takes special interests and excels in area’s of canine & feline Dentistry. She is referred patients from all over South Dakota and Nebraska for her state of the art equipment, knowledge and experience in progressive dental care. She also enjoys internal medicine, dermatology and ‘whole-istic’ pet care. She takes pride and emphasizes the need for preventive care for her patients and community. She loves the challenges and variety that meet her every day as a veterinarian at Advanced Pet Care Clinic.

Jennifer Janssen

Jen | Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Jennifer was born and raised on a family farm in Gretna, Nebraska. She graduated from Gretna High School in 1997. After graduating, she attended Omaha College of Health Careers and earned an Associates of Applied Science in Animal Health Technology in 2000. Jennifer moved to Valentine to do her veterinary internship and decided to make the beautiful town her home. She married local, Bryan Janssen, in 2006, and they lived in Crookston with their two children, Drake and Danika, until Bryan’s passing in 2009. She currently resides in Valentine, Nebraska with her family; two dogs, Ozzy and Alf; four cats, Billie, Strawberry, Jared and Diesel. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, camping, spending time with friends and family and she also enjoys being lead vocalist for the band Bad Decision. Jen’s motto is, “I’ll try anything once, but twice if I like it!”

As the hospital manager, Jen is the clinic ‘Cat Lady’. She loves dogs, she has two, however, when she thinks no one is looking we always catch her cooing, cuddling and baby talking to all of our furry, feline friends! She has a soft spot for animals and believes all deserve a chance at a good life with a loving home. She has been known to “bring” her work home with her (which is how she ended up with four cats!). As Hospital Manager, Jen enjoys book work! Occasionally, you will find her knee deep in paper work, talking to the computer or banging her head on the desk, but for some reason she still loves it. She also enjoys keeping Dr. Michelle in line….that proves to be more than a full-time job, LOL! Dr. Michelle could not live without Jen, as she is Dr. Michelle’s Left Hand! (hehe – Jen is left handed:))

Katie Froning

Katie Froning | Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Katie was raised in Valentine, NE, she graduated from Valentine High School in 2008 and then attended Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, NE, graduating with her Associates degree in Horticulture/Landscaping in 2010. She then married her high school sweetheart, Richard Froning, and moved to Brookings, SD where she managed and created landscapes for a local landscaper. Two years later, she and her husband realized life was not the same without the Sandhills, so they moved back to work for the Bow and Arrow Ranch south of town. The two have two kids, Kelly and Travis, whom they truly adore more than anything! Kelly and Travis play with her two dogs, Kaylee (loving, big, lap dog) and Jake (goofy, cattle dog); three horses, CC, AJ and Snickerz; yard cat, Tar, the barn cats and of course, the occasional raccoon or skunk! In Katie’s spare time, she loves working on the ranch, riding horses, craft work, drawing, hunting, fishing, doing anything outdoors and mostly spending time with family and friends! Her motto is, “If there is a Will, There is a Way.”

Katie is the Labrador/Dog Lover of the clinic, and the personality suits well with her positions. As a vet’s assistant/groomer, she is always smiling and ready to create a personal bond with any customer or pet, but also never afraid to get her hands dirty when needed! As a groomer, she pays very close attention to detail and wants nothing more than for the customer to be happy with their pet’s groom. After all, the pets are already happy… they just lost five pounds of weight in fur!

Katie, literally, grew up with all sorts of animals and has always had a loving passion for them. Thankfully, it only took her one visit to this vet clinic for her to realize Advanced Pet Care Clinic would be the best place to get those slobbery wet kisses! She has honestly never felt more at home with her new career decision and is wondering why she didn’t start this earlier!

Jessee Anderson

Jesse Anderson | Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Although, Jessee was born in O’Neill, NE, her grassroots sprouted in Ainsworth, NE. She graduated from Ainsworth High School in 2011 where she then attended the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, NE. Jessee attained her associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. In the spring of 2014 she set off to find the perfect place to work for her twelve week internship. Jessee found herself here, at Advanced Pet Care Clinic, and low and behold, those twelve weeks were up and gone, and she was still here! She must really love us!

Jessee may seem pretty quiet and laid back, but she has a super soft spot for fuzzy critters…and even the not so fuzzy! Whether your friend has fur, scales, feathers, or slime, she loves them all! Jessee’s love for animals goes back to her childhood, she and her father were always sneaking animals home for her mom to discover later. Growing up, they have raised a variety of species including ferrets, frogs, lizards, hedgehogs, and just about every pocket pet you can think of. During her high school years, she worked at the local pet store that allowed her to play and care for all the critters she has ever wanted. Lucky for her mom, Jessee didn’t have to take these pets home!

Today, Jessee is currently living in Crookston, NE and still has a growing family of furbabies. During her spare time, she enjoys fishing, swimming, spending time with family and spoiling her four legged children!

Shelly Reed​

Shelly was born and raised on her family’s cattle ranch in Leon, Oklahoma. Attending Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in animal science production in 2014. Upon graduating, she worked for a corporate swine company based in Wisconsin and then relocated to their branch of operations near Woodward, OK. After two years with the company, she surprisingly found herself moving to Valentine, Nebraska. She had heard from a friend this clinic would be a great place to work. She contacted APCC by e-mail for an interview and as soon as she met Dr. Michelle, Shelly knew she would fit in and that working here felt like her home away from home.

As a receptionist/groomer, Shelly is literally the first smiling face you see here at Advanced Pet Care Clinic! She has a major soft spot for border collies and heelers. It never surprises us to find her excessively loving on the pets that come in, which is how she ended up with Rooster. He is Shelly’s personal border collie that is a three-legged wonder! Although she has a reserved personality, she likes being up front to get acquainted with all the locals and their furry family members. Even though the girls love giving her a hard time for being from Oklahoma, she is always ready and willing to work and has become our “clinic pet nurse”! A perfectionist at heart, Shelly wants her groomed pets to appear up to the owners’ standards and will take extra time to make sure everything looks more than just good. She really enjoys seeing the before and after of each pet’s groom and how happy they seem after their spa day!

During her spare time, Shelly enjoys fishing, hiking, going to the gym, painting, spending time with friends and family when she visits them in Oklahoma and is always up for a trip to explore a national park.