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Canine, Feline Grooming

Grooming | Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

In the “Spa Wing” of the clinic, is our groomer Tanya. With a couple years of experience and patience she does all she can to make your pet look great and feeling pampered! We welcome any type of groom, whether it is a whole-body groom or a simple butt trim.

We prefer to only schedule grooms on Wednesdays, so you better hurry and call to schedule today at 402-376-2273!!!

Required Vaccinations

Distemper parvo (annually), rabies (2 years), bordetella/kennel cough (annually)

FVRCP (annually) and rabies (2 years)

* See dog sizing chart below
* All felines are welcome
* Veterinary records required
* We recommend that your pet is free of worms, on monthly heartworm prevention, as well as a monthly flea/tick prevention (Frontline Plus, etc.) if parasites are found in/on your pet, they will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Full-Service Grooming

  • Haircut, bath, toenail clipping, ear hair removal and bow, bandanna, tie or scarf.
    • Shampoo: All natural, hypo-allergenic made with 100% aloe vera!
    • Conditioner: All natural made with keratin and apricot extracts! It leaves your pet smelling amazing!
  • Extra charges will apply to:
    • Pets with mats
    • Aggressive pets
    • Pets requiring sedation

Day-to-Day Services

  • Bath, brush and courtesy nail trim: for the stinky, skunky, itchy or just plain filthy!
  • FURmination
  • Handstripping
  • Nail trim
  • Nail sanding/dremeling
  • Soft claws (rubber caps for nails/great for wood floors and furniture)
  • Pet-acure (toe nails painted)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear hair pulling
  • Teeth brushing

Dog Sizing Chart

Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Small-Breed Dog
0-15 lbs.

Shihtzu, pomeranian, maltese, yorkie, toy poodle, maltese, etc.

Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Medium-Breed Dog
16-25 lbs.
Cocker spaniel, corgi, schnauzer, etc.

Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

Large-Breed Dog
26-50 lbs.

Border collie, springer spaniel, aussie, poodle, etc.


Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

X-Large-Breed Dog
51-80 lbs.

Labrador, akita, golden retriever, rough collie, large poodles, etc.

Advanced Pet Care Clinic | Valentine, Nebraska

XX-Large-Breed Dog
81-130 lbs. and up
St. Bernard, Bernese mountain dog, great peraniese, etc.